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Veteran's Administration and Hospice

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual (CMS Pub. 100-02), Ch. 9, §60External PDF

Medicare beneficiaries that are dually eligible veterans, and reside at home in their community may elect the Medicare Hospice Benefit and have hospice services paid for under the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

A hospice may not arrange to provide inpatient services to a Medicare beneficiary in a VA or military hospital because Medicare cannot pay for the same services that another government agency has paid or is obligated to pay (including drugs). If the beneficiary, who has both VA benefits and is under the Hospice Benefit, is admitted to a VA owned/operated inpatient facility, the beneficiary must revoke the hospice benefit.

It is the responsibility of the Medicare certified hospice agency to tell the beneficiary at the time of admission that the hospice does not have an arrangement for inpatient services with the VA facility, and to identify the hospitals that will be used if a beneficiary requires inpatient care for their terminal diagnosis.

Reviewed: 12.08.21


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