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Medical Supplies/Drugs and Biologicals

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual (CMS Pub. 100-02) Ch. 9 §40.1.6External PDF

Drugs that are used primarily for relief of pain and symptom control related to the beneficiary's terminal illness and included in the hospice written plan of care are covered. Medicare payment of these drugs is made to the hospice through the daily per diem. Appliances may include covered durable medical equipment (DME) as described in 42 CFR 410.38External Website , as well as other self-help and personal comfort items related to the palliation or management of the beneficiary's terminal illness. Equipment is provided by the hospice for use in the beneficiary's home while the beneficiary is under hospice care. Medical supplies include those that are part of the written plan of care.

Reviewed: 12.08.21


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