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September 27, 2022

myCGS Offers a Better Solution!

Are you still using the phone or paper to meet your Medicare claim needs? myCGS is a FREE, online self-service application available to ALL J15 providers that offers a better solution! Use myCGS to:

  1. Save calls to the Provider Contact Center (PCC) for more complex inquiries:
    • Obtain a beneficiary’s Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)
    • Determine if a beneficiary is eligible to receive an item/service
    • Check a claim’s status
    • View/print a remittance advice
  2. Save paper, time, and money:
    • Submit claims and reopenings (Part B) or Credit Balance Reports (Part A/HH&H)
    • Respond to a Medical Review Additional Documentation Request (ADR)
    • Request prior authorization, immediate offset, or an appeal
    • Receive a confirmation and check the status of a submission/request!

What are you waiting for? Register todayExternal Website and access the myCGS User Manual for step-by-step instructions!


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