Provider Outreach and Education (POE) Advisory Group Membership Drive

CGS invites interested parties to participate in our A/B Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group. The primary function of the Advisory Group is to assist the contractor in the creation, implementation, and review of provider education strategies and efforts. The Advisory Group provides input and feedback on training topics, provider education materials, and dates and locations of provider education workshops and events. The group also identifies salient provider education issues, and recommends effective means of information dissemination to all appropriate providers and their staff, including the use of the PCC to disseminate information to providers.  Reference:CMS Medicare Contractor Beneficiary and Provider Communications Manual (Pub. 100-09), chapter 6, section 20.6.1External PDF.

Going forward, the Advisory Group will be a combination of both Part A and Part B providers (Facility/hospital/physician association representatives, compliance officers, key personnel who submit Part A or Part B claims).  The membership will consist of two year commitment.  CGS has created the Provider Outreach & Education Advisory Group CovenantPDF that summarizes the purpose and goals of the group.  The covenant also details the responsibilities of CGS as the MAC and you as an active member.

Registration for the 2020 J15 A/B POE-AG is scheduled to begin November 15th, 2019.  Registration is scheduled to close January 15th, 2020. If you have any questions, send them to our education mailboxes at for Part A or for Part B.

If you are interested in becoming a POE Advisory Group member, please submit your request here.

POE Advisory Group Meeting Schedule

  • March 17, 2020
  • June 17, 2020
  • September 17, 2020
  • December 8, 2020

J15 Meeting Minutes



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POE Advisory Group Members

Amey, Angela
Symphony Diagnostic Services

Barnett, Stephanie

Basham, Linda
911 Billing Services & Consultant, Inc

Blumenstock, John
PHI AIr Medical, L.L.C.

Clark, Bernice

Gorman, Shelby
University of Kentucky Health Care

Horn, Nancy
Medical Compliance Services, Inc.

Horn, Philip
Medical Compliance Services, Inc.

Horvat, Patricia
John M. Johnstone, MD, FACC, PSC

Lady, Lindy

Le Oso, Candy

Mandl, Theresa
A Plus Coding Consultants, LLC

Pryor, Jean
St. Elizabeth Physicians

Richardson, Georgetta
Norton Healthcare

Roe, Janet
St. Claire Medical Group

Rupard, Kelly
Kentucky Medical Services Foundation

Spear, Darrell
Kentucky Chiropractic Society

Waldie, Matthew
Ashland Area Health Alliance

Winters, Suzan
Owensboro Health Medical Group

Woods, Stephanie
Greater Louisville Medical Society

Arnold, Jane
Firelands Regional Medical Center

Baker, Todd
Ohio Ophthalmological Society

Biddlestone, Elayne
Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio

Brown, Connie
Reid Physician Associates

Broyles, Jim
Ohio Psychological Association

Dillahunt, Dave
Ohio Hematology Oncology Society

Dorn, Lori
Quest Diagnostics

Dziekan, Kimberly
Wright State Physicians

Ehrhart, Lora
Zotec Partners

Fair, Kathryn
Ophthalmic Surgeons Consultants of Ohio, Inc.

Farley, Debra
BILLPro Management Systems

Foster, Chris
Ohio Ambulance

Harney, Matt
Ohio Osteopathic Association

Hayhurst, Jennifer
Ohio State Medical Association

Hedman, Carolyn
Midwest Physician Anesthesia Services

Jarrell, Kimberly
Complex Care Partners

Jones, Jennifer DayStar
Billing Services, LLC

Kelley, Jennifer
OSU Physicians

LaFollette, Robert
OSU Havener Eye Institute

Lego, Tracey
Michael Kalus,MD

Lewis, Maxine

Mack Alexander, Cindy
CompuNet Clinical Laboratories

Martinelli, Kelly
Healthcare Compliance Association

May, Tammy
Kettering Physician Network

Mount, Marsha
Carmel Medical Group

Osburn, Angela
Kettering Health Network/Community Connect

Petrequin, Sheila
Maxx Medical, Inc

Polo, Mick
NCDS Medical Billing

Randolph, Alice
Ohio Psychological Association

Rumberg, Jimelle
Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association

Shade, Wendy
Kettering Health Network

Shorts, Regina
Cleveland Clinic

Singer, Stacey
Cleveland Clinic

Skinner, Michele

Voll, Frances
Advanced Billing Concepts, Inc

White, Candice
Premier Health

Willis, Bernie
Mid American Rehabilitation Network

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