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February 1, 2022

A NEW Way to Manage Your myCGS Account!

We have enhanced the My Account tab in myCGS to look and feel different…with some great conveniences!

The myProfile sub-tab is where you'll find your contact information.

  • Need to change your phone number or email address? You can from this sub-tab.
  • Tired of your system-generated username? Now you can change it to something easier for you to remember!
  • Want to set up the SUPER SPEEDY Google Authenticator to access the portal SUPER fast? The setup button is located here.
  • Is it time to verify your profile? That is conveniently located here, too.


Go to the mySecurity sub-tab to manage your password and security questions and answers.

  • Has your password been compromised? Don't wait to receive the 60-day notification. Change it NOW under this sub-tab.
  • Need to change the answer to one of your security questions? That can be done here, too.


At the myProviders sub-tab you can view the accounts you manage.

  • Need access to the Medical Review sub-tab for one of your accounts? Click on the Actions icon to send a request to your Provider Administrator for approval.
  • Want to add a new provider account? Click the Add a Provider button, enter the provider's identifiers, and a request will be sent to the Provider Administrator.
  • When adding a provider to your account, the account is conveniently linked to your Super ID, saving you the time of doing it yourself!


For any accounts that you have not linked, you will find the Account Linking sub-tab here.

  • Tired of maintaining separate IDs???
  • Do you find it cumbersome to log into EACH ONE at least EVERY 30 DAYS to avoid deactivation???
  • Interested in completing the Profile Verification process every 250 days for just ONE account instead of each one separately???

SOLUTION: Link ALL your accounts to ONE Super ID. Do it TODAY in four easy steps!

For more information on these and other myCGS functions, please refer to the myCGS User Manual.


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