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December 21, 2021

Important: Use Your PCC Reference Numbers

CMS requires us to track and report all telephone and written inquiries. Each time you reach out to the Provider Contact Center (PCC) for assistance, our customer service representatives (CSRs) capture and log certain required elements into our tracking system, and notify you of the reference number assigned to your inquiry (e.g., P####).

Since certain inquiries may require additional research and/or a referral to another operational area, we encourage you to:

  • Document the reference number for future reference, if necessary.
  • Provide the reference number if you, or another staff member, later contact the PCC to request an update/status of your initial inquiry.

We want you to receive the best customer experience possible. The reference number allows us to identify any actions already taken, avoid delays due to duplicate efforts, and provide a quicker response/resolution to your inquiry.


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