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February 27, 2017 - Updated 03.22.17

Announcing – The Provider Enrollment Interactive Help Tool!

CGS recently released the Provider Enrollment Interactive Help Tool. This tool is designed to walk you through the application process simply by asking you a series of questions.

Answering the questions correctly will give you confidence that you are:

  • Selecting the correct CMS-855 application
  • Completing the sections applicable to your situation
  • Including the supporting documentation we need
  • Accessing the other forms needed to complete your enrollment

Using the tool is easy! Simply select your provider/supplier type below the applicable section to get started. The sections are:

  • Sole Owner of a PA, PC or LLC, or Sole Proprietor – This section will help if you are an individual who has formed a professional association (PA), professional corporation (PC), limited liability company (LLC), etc., of which they are the sole owner.
  • Individuals Ordering and Referring – This applies to physicians and non-physician practitioners (NPPs) enrolling in Medicare for the sole purpose of ordering and referring services for Medicare patients.
  • Individuals Reassigning to Established/Non-established Groups – For individuals who plan to reassign Medicare benefits, allowing an eligible organization/group to submit claims and receive payment for Medicare Part B services that you have provided as a member of the organization/group.
  • Groups & Organization - This section applies to an organization/group that is a medical practice or clinic that will bill for Medicare Part B services.
  • Changes – Select this section if you are reporting changes in your practice.

Answering a series of 'yes' and 'no' questions will display the information you need to facilitate a smooth enrollment process. You also have the option of printing the results for your reference.

The Provider Enrollment Interactive Help Tool is available now. If you have questions, please contact the Provider Contact Center (PCC) at 866.276.9558, option 3.

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