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September 22, 2015

Molecular Test Panel Edit Alert (CM00005)

Revised with new edit start date.
MolDX CPT code range affected:

Test Panel Definition: A predetermined set of medical tests composed of individual laboratory tests, related by medical condition, specimen type, frequency ordered, methodology or types of components to aid in the diagnosis/treatment of disease.

CGS Administrators and the MolDX contractor considers the performance of multiple molecular biomarkers, regardless of whether the test requisition lists the tests as a panel or individually, and completed on a single sample, to be a 'panel' of tests. Therefore, each panel should be registered and billed with a single CPT code and a unique MolDX identifier. Based on data analysis of MolDX claims, labs are submitting multiple biomarker 'panels' as individual tests similar to the submission of the previous stacking codes.

Example: A lab receives a patient specimen and performs the following tests:

  • CPT code 81225-CYP2C19, cv
  • CPT code 81240-F2, 20210G>A
  • CPT code 81241-F5, Leiden

The panel of three tests listed above should be registered and claims submitted with CPT code 81479 and a single MolDX ID. If the lab also performs one of the three panels’ biomarkers on patient specimens, each biomarker must also be registered and receive a unique ID to submit on claims when only that biomarker is performed. Again, a single CPT code should be billed with a unique ID.

To correct this example, the lab must register four tests and receive identifiers for MolDX claim submission:

Test #

Test Name



CPT Code


Clotting Test Panel

CYP2C19, cv
F2, 20210G>A
F5, Leiden





CYP2C19, cv




F2, 20210G>A

F2, 20210G>A




F5, Leiden

F5, Leiden



Effective November 9, 2015, labs should start to register all panels and obtain a unique MolDX identifier for each panel. If a lab does NOT perform single biomarker tests, they must notify the registry of this registration error.

MolDX Panel Plan Timeline:

  • Effective 10/09/2015, CGS Administrators will start lab notification. Labs that have submitted panel test claims will need a MolDX ID.
  • Labs will have a 30 day grace period
  • Effective 11/09/2015, CGS- MolDX will set edits to reject tests performed as panels and registered and submitted with a CPT code for each biomarker in the panel


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