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April 29, 2014

Reasons Why Provider Enrollment Fee Payments are Not Accepted

Providers that submit enrollment information via the CMS-855A and are newly-enrolling, re-enrolling/re-validating, or adding a new practice location must pay an enrollment fee to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Often, the provider enrollment application fee cannot be accepted due to errors made when completing the enrollment application fee information. The application fee payment is made by going to Website on the CMS website. The following identifies common errors seen by CGS. Please have your appropriate staff review this information.

Note: When making your payment, ensure the following information is reported correctly, and matches the information reported on the enrollment application for which payment is being made.

  • Amount paid is incorrect. Please be aware that the above website identifies the fee amount and year. For applications submitted in 2014 the fee amount is $542.
  • Incorrect Tax Identification Information. Ensure the tax identification number (TIN) entered for payment, matches the TIN reported in Section 2B1 of the CMS-855A. The TIN number and the legal business name (LBN) should match your IRS-CP575 form.
  • Incorrect provider type is selected. When submitting the CMS-855A enrollment application, select Part A Provider Services button, and ensure you select your correct provider type from the drop down menu.
  • FFS Contractor. If CGS is not listed under the Fee For Service (FFS) contractor drop down menu, choose whatever option is available. Your fee payment will still be accepted even if the incorrect FFS contractor is selected.

For additional information, refer to the Medicare Application Fee Web pageExternal Website on the CMS website.

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