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March 9, 2020

Correcting Modifiers and HCPCS Codes in myCGS

With Claim Correction, you can now easily initiate an adjustment in real time via myCGS. Although modifiers and HCPCS codes can be corrected using this feature, there are four noted exceptions; KX, GA, GZ and GY. These modifiers cannot be added or updated in Claim Correction. Additionally, a HCPCS code that includes any of these modifiers also cannot be updated.

Below are other items that can be corrected:

Claim Correction eliminates the need for you to call telephone reopenings to request them, and allows you to check status once you've submitted the request.

Visit myCGS to begin using Claim Correction, and refer to the myCGS User ManualPDF for full instructions!

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