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February 26, 2020

Viewing Documents and Letters Related to Redeterminations and Reopenings Cases in myCGS

Did you know that myCGS now allows you to view all documents related to the Redeterminations and Reopenings cases that you've submitted to CGS? To view these documents, use the Reprocessing menu to search for either Redeterminations Status or Reopenings Status, and then search for your case just as you normally would (refer to the Reprocessing section in the myCGS User ManualPDF). Once you have found your case status, a new VIEW button will appear on the status information screen, as shown in the image below. When you press the VIEW button, a pop-up window will open showing a list of all available documents related to the case. Click on the Download icon next the document listing in order to view and/or print the document.

PLEASE NOTE: When myCGS pulls documents related to your search criteria, a variety of documents may be displayed. This will include any documents you have submitted with your original request and any letters sent to you by CGS. Note that myCGS may also display documents from other Redeterminations/Reopenings cases that meet your search criteria. For instance, if you search for Redeterminations Status in myCGS and there are other Redeterminations cases on file matching your search, then myCGS may also display documents and letters related to those cases.


Coming Soon—Submit Reopenings and Redeterminations!

You may also notice that the Reprocessing menu in myCGS has been slightly rearranged. This change is in preparation for the ability to allow users to submit both Reopenings and Redeterminations requests. These new submission features are currently turned off while we make final preparations to allow for their use. Stay tuned to our ListServ and News page for additional information and announcements regarding when these new submission screens will be activated and available.

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