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July 5, 2019

DME MACs Redetermination Request – Signature Requirement Change

Effective starting July 8, 2019, the regulation at §405.944(b)(4), will no longer include the signature of the appellant (or their representative) as a required element of appeal requests (either on a standard CMS form or other conforming written request). Signature requirements elsewhere in the regulation remain unchanged, e.g., signatures on an Appointment of Representative form (CMS-1696).

Appeal requests received on or after July 8, 2019 will no longer be dismissed for lack of signature. Please note that your request must include at a minimum, the following information:

Incomplete requests will be returned along with an explanation for the return and you will be instructed to resubmit your request.

You can also read about these changes in the Supplier ManualPDF.

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