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January 23, 2019

New Letters Added to the Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Tool

The CGS ADR Tool has been updated to include additional medical review and claims letters.

To use the ADR tool simply enter the number into the tool and additional information about the requested documentation will be provided.

What is an ADR? – An ADR is a letter that is generated by a Medicare contractor which requests additional documentation and/or medical records be submitted. This occurs when a claim is selected for review or additional documentation is required to complete the claim. The response must be submitted within a specified time frame to the contractor identified on the letter.

Where is the ADR number located? – If the request is from CGS, the 3-digit ADR number is located just below the claim line details in the letter. If the request is from the ZPIC or UPIC the number is located at the end of the documentation requirements section of the letter.

Refer to the Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Process to access the updated tool and additional information.

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