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Common Claim Errors

Mistakes happen. When they do, your claim may not be able to process. Listed below are some common errors which prevent your claim from being processed. If you find a simple mistake, chances are you may be able to make a correction using our telephone reopening line.

Examples of minor errors or omissions include:

There is no need to request an appeal/redetermination if you have made a minor error or omission in filing the claim, which, in turn, caused the claim to be denied. In the case where a minor error or omission is involved, you can request Medicare to reopen the claim so the error or omission can be corrected, rather than having to go through the appeal process. You can request a reopening for minor errors or omissions either by telephone or in writing. You have one year to request a reopening from the date on your Remittance Advice (RA).

The following are examples of what cannot be handled as a Reopening:

Because some issues are more complicated than others and may require more research or consulting medical staff, the DME MAC reserves the right to decline the clerical error reopening and request that you submit a written redetermination.

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