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July 1, 2016

Jurisdiction B Provider Contact Center Uses CTI

What is CTI? CTI is innovative call center technology that captures and validates customer information before they reach a customer service advocate.

Why is that important to you? Pre-validation on the front end means you have more time to talk with an advocate. Plus, CTI lets you select from a variety of customer service options so our advocates have everything they need to assist you more quickly.

All suppliers will be asked to enter their identifying information into our CTI system. This is the same identifying information you normally share with a customer service advocate when you call for assistance. CTI will then access the Medicare system to validate your information and it will automatically transfer and display that information to the next available advocate.

CTI even gives you the ability to pre-select the reason for your call (such as claims, prior authorization, etc.). That means, when you are connected with a customer service advocate, they automatically have your information available and they are ready to provide you the best possible customer service experience.

To learn more about CTI, view our CTI Flow located at

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