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CGS has added a news feed to our website using RSS. 
RSS is an electronic syndication process that lets you access a library of Medicare information and education recordings.  As CGS develops new RSS-based information, it will be loaded to our news feed.  The best part is that you can now listen to education programs produced by our Provider Outreach and Education team…anywhere!  RSS is not limited to our website.  You can also access the recordings from your mobile device. 

You may either click the podcast title to listen or download the audio podcast or click the orange RSS icon to add to your favorite feed reader.

The podcasts currently availble were originally produced for Jurisdiction C however, the education is also applicable to Jurisdiction B.


Here is this month's feature recording:

Medicare Minute℠: Changes to Local Coverage Determinations – ICD-10 Updates

Medicare Minute MD℠: Oxygen Policy Pearls

Medicare Minute MD℠: Medicare and Benefit Categories

Medicare Minute MD℠: Introduction to Series

Medicare Minute℠: Power Mobility Pearls for the Practicing Physician

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