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Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Program Processes

Documentation Requests

The above processes are based on each individual CID; providers will need to contact the CERT office as mentioned above for each sampled claim.

For information on updating addresses with the NSC or MAC, please see MLN Matters® Article SE1617External PDF for additional information.

Chain Address Program

Providers who have at least ten (10) PTAN/OSCAR numbers who would like to elect a single point of contact (POC) can participate in the "chain address" program recently implemented by CERT. This program is as follows:

Group Calls

In order to reduce provider burden, when multiple calls are due to the same phone number, the CERT RC groups the calls so that a single contact can be made with the provider (providers) associated with that phone number to discuss all outstanding requests.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This change is ONLY in regards to the CERT program

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