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August 7, 2018

Update to Correcting a Revocation Date

The Special Edition MLN Matters article, SE18007External PDF, Recent and Upcoming Improvements in Hospice Billing and Claims Processing, included instructions for removing a revocation date when it was submitted entirely in error by submitting type of bill (TOB) 8xB with zeroes in the Through date.  It has been determined that this process was not fully implemented and hospice claims with TOB 8XB with zeros in the Through date field are going to the Return to Provider (RTP) with reason code 12203 indicate an invalid date.  Providers should revert back to the prior instructions of backing out processed claims in order to remove a revocation date.  If you have claims in the RTP file with reason code 12203, with zeroes in the Through date field, you may choose to suppress the view of the claim.

We anticipate that Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will revise the SE18007 MLN Matters article to remove this instruction.

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