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January 30, 2018

Hospice Cap Determinations – Terminated providers

CMS now issues 2 years worth of the Statuary Cap amount at a time, effect with the 9/30/17 Self-Determined (SD) cap submissions, CGS is making the following change in process for providers that have terminated from the program. Providers who have terminated from the program in the following cap year (i.e. 2018) to submit both Current Year (i.e. 2017) & their final (terminating) SD cap reviews at the same time. After CGS has completed processing the current year SD cap submissions we will complete all necessary final cap reviews for your agency. Statuary Cap Amount for 2018 is $28,689.04. Please visit the following web page for forms and instructions to assist you in completing your SD caps: If you have any questions regarding above or general Hospice Cap questions, please contact Tom Bisbee at (615) 660-5560.

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