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October 10, 2017

Attention Hospice Providers: What to Include on Your List of Claims Requiring Adjustments

MLN Matters® article SE17029, "Process for Hospices to Submit a List of Claim Requiring Adjustments"External PDF instructed hospice providers to submit a list of claims to be adjusted due to routine home care (RHC) and service intensity add-on (SIA) payment errors.

The list of claim information should include only the following:

  • the document control numbers (DCNs) of the claims to be adjusted
  • the dates of service for each claim, and
  • whether the error is related to RHC days or SIA amounts.

Submit the list of claims to CGS, no later than October 20, 2017, to

DO NOT include personal health information, such as the beneficiary name, and health insurance claim number (HICN).

DO NOT submit a secured email. When your list of claims to be submitted is sent in a secured email, CGS is unable to access the list. Therefore, if you have submitted a secured email, please resend, unsecured.

CGS will initiate the adjustments over the three months following the submission of all lists, concluding the process by January 29, 2018.

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